Bricks are one of the oldest and most widely used building materials.  But if you are looking for innovation and new design opportunities with this tried and tested construction method then long format or ‘linear’ bricks may be the answer. 

Like traditional size bricks these longer bricks can be manufactured using moulds to create stock bricks or via an extruded process to create wirecut bricks and therefore a variety of finishes are available.  Many long format bricks are handmade which provide extra flexibility of design. 


Long Format bricks come in various sizes from the Danish standard 38mm high by 468mm long, to UK Manufacturers 65mm high by 440mm long, and many sizes in between, so the choices and finishes available if different size bricks are used are not to be underestimated. 

Design possibilities of Long Format Bricks

The 468mm long waterstruck stock brick finish creates a delicate and elegant feel to a durable and low maintenance material.  Several projects have used linear bricks internally on entrances and two showcase staircases to create a space that plays with the senses and makes you want to reach and touch as you move around.  In contrast a 65mm x 440mm wirecut brick can create a more bold and imposing feel through creating blocks of colour. 



Laying linear bricks horizontally creates exaggerated horizontal lines not unlike the strata of the earth.  In recent years many projects have successfully experimented with the laying orientation of linear bricks.  Laying the bricks vertically can create contrast to the horizontal lines when used together or can exaggerate the vertical lines of columns to great effect.   

Off-site fabrication into GRC or concrete, or onto a brick cladding system increases the design potential.  Exaggerated soffit details can be mechanically fixed, and due to the handmade or mould manufactured process of many of the products, specials are easily produced.  Therefore, curves or bespoke specials to create contrasting texture are easily explored and manufactured. 

Linear Bricks Considerations 

Consistency of size and shape for some of the longest bricks need to be appreciated and understood.  Therefore, a random layout may sometimes be preferable for these bricks.  If a more accurate brick size is required for it is just a matter of choice. 

Bricks are a sustainable material.  Exciting bricks on a well-designed building are even more sustainable.  So choosing a product that increases the quality of the building and its surrounding is a win win. 




Cost.  Of course, they aren’t cheap.  They are bricks that define a project.  However, some bricks that are an unusual size to the UK are a standard size in another country.  It’s just a case of knowing where to look.  And we can help with that. 

So, if you like the look of linear bricks and want to understand where they can be appropriately used on your future project, please get in touch.