When specifying a project that includes a glazed brick slip façade, it’s important to consider the drivers behind a successful build.

Ask yourself, what are the critical points of a build that affect cost?

When starting a project, specifiers must consider:


  • Speed Of Build
  • The Finishing Touches – colour, shape, and texture
  • Project Location
  • Sustainability Expectations


Establishing product costs early in the project allows an architect to choosing the best value product and system for the project in the specification stage and avoiding high-cost solutions where it isn’t necessary.

As a specifier, you will want to avoid the client overpaying for these drivers, while ensuring every box is being ticked.




Looking at the project drivers rather than individual product costs is helpful.  For example, on a large complex project, pre-case concrete solutions might cost more initially, however, this will counteract labour costs needed for a different type of system or traditional build.

Discussing the desired aesthetic at the same time as the type of system and build allows more informed decisions to be made.

So, how do execute effectively pricing a project that uses a glazed brick façade?


grey building using glazed brick slips with sky in the background


Consider The Speed Of Build For A Glazed Brick Façade

How long is your glazed brick façade project going to take?

It’s worth considering whether your client would benefit from an early completion date, or whether overrunning would cause a significant rise in costs.

Considering deadlines and completion dates will influence the product and system that are right for the project.

For example, if you’re building student accommodation with a fixed end date it is important to choose a system that isn’t susceptible to delays due to cold weather or rain. This takes out any uncertainty.

Where a precast or mechanical slip system is being used, having the appropriate conversations with installers allows installed ‘through the wall’ prices to be budgeted. They will also have an input on potential timescales making your decision about which system to use more informed.


The Finishing Touches – Colour, Texture And Shape


Aesthetic elements are often what draws architects to using glazed brick slips.

Depending on the design goals of your build, you might require custom-shaped brick slips, or brick slips that offer a specific colouring.

For example, metallic finishes are much more expensive than single fired white glazed.

In this case, specific shapes and finishes might add to the price of your build due to extra time and labour costs to get the bricks to look as required.


zoomed in photo of a glazed brick slip facade with lots of windows


Engaging with an expert that understands the choices available in the marketplace allows samples, technical information, and costings to be provided early.

Once you have an informed view of the brick slips you will be using for your project, you can prevent issues further down the line that would add to the cost of your project.


Project Location And How It Affects Pricing


In a situation where your building site has limited access, you would need to carefully plan how your materials and equipment will be delivered to the site.

For example, if your project is situated in a high-rise in Central London, there will be little-to-no access. In this scenario, pre-cast solutions may be beneficial due to the concrete boards being created off-site.

It is also worth considering the storage space available on-site. Brick slips systems require less space than traditional glazed bricks, so this offers an advantage over traditional brick that would require more storage space.

Project location also affects the aesthetic, due to local planning expectation or historically used products. In terms of using glazed brick slips, this could place restrictions on the build plan. These restrictions will need to be discussed early on in the project to avoid costly last minute design decisions.


Sustainability For Glazed Brick Façades


Ideally, you will want your glazed brick slip façade project to be as sustainable as possible. Lowering carbon emissions, promoting waste management, and reducing air pollution are all ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives that projects should be striving to follow.

But is this always possible?

It’s important to do your research into the sustainable options available for your project, so you can incorporate these products, systems, and costs into your budget.

Glazed brick slips, being 4 to 8 times smaller than regular bricks, can be considered a sustainable building material due to being so lightweight and physically smaller than traditional bricks.

This means transportation is reduced, lowering the carbon footprint, reducing congestion emissions, and ultimately saving fuel costs.


Adhesive fix facade system, building in distance


Brick slips are also extremely durable and long lasting, meaning the embodied carbon of the project lifecycle is low.

It is also worth considering which factories can provide information on their carbon content, as this type of information is more important than ever, to ensure you’re making smart business decisions for both the planet and your company.




What To Consider When Budgeting Your Glazed Brick Façade Project


When deciding on your material budget for a glazed brick façade, it’s important to stay focused on the main drivers for your project.

Making decisions early means that products can be costed before tender stage ensuring contractors are pricing the correct materials and labour times needed.

Consider the possibilities of value engineering so you can respond appropriately to any recommendations from contractors later down the line.

Make sure to discuss price consistency with suppliers beforehand, so any excess cost can be anticipated and costed appropriately by contractors.

If you need advice on pricing a glazed brick slip façade project, reach out to Creative Brick Solutions to gain expert advice on the costs involved from products all the way through to construction.

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