When specifying a product for a construction project, finding materials that meet your design visions while adhering to regulations is a crucial part of your planning.

Included in this is understanding the need for specifying A1 fire rated, or non-combustible, materials in modern day projects.

2023 has seen the rise of Glazed Brick Slips being used for designs all over the world. But what are Glazed Brick Slips, and how can you be confident in their protection against fire?


What Are Glazed Brick Slips?


These brick slips are coated with a layer of glaze, which is a glass-like finish applied to the surface. The glaze can come in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, allowing for versatile design options – which is what makes this product so popular.

Glazed brick slips are made from clay and are fired at extremely high temperatures. This means they can withstand the heat generated by fire. The second firing on some products fuses and additional layers the finely crushed glazes to the brick slip making it become extremely hard, resistant and durable.

Glazed Brick Slips such as the Creative Brick Solutions range from Rairies Montrieux, are A1 fire rated, making them a popular choice for projects after the updated regulations came into effect.

The newest regulations state that “relevant buildings above 11m require non-combustible cladding of an A2-s1, d0 or A1 class or above (as defined by BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009).”

In short, this makes Glazed Brick Slips a popular choice as it meets health and safety requirements while fulfilling your design vision.


Glazed Long Format Bricks on Building



What Does It Mean To Be An A1 Fire Rated Material?


“Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017, RIBA argued for a ban on using combustible materials in the external walls of high-rise buildings.”

After an amendment made in 2018 to Document B of building regulations which “banned the use of all combustible materials on the external face of buildings over 18m tall”, projects must adhere to A1 fire ratings.

Achieving the highest classification in fire safety standards, A1-rated materials offer a range of unparalleled benefits. Being non-combustible, they prevent the spread of flames, ensuring the containment of fire within designated areas.

Moreover, A1 materials produce minimal smoke and no flaming droplets, minimizing the risk of toxic fumes and secondary fires. Rigorously tested and proven, these materials can withstand intense heat without compromising their structural integrity, safeguarding both occupants and the building itself.

By specifying A1 fire-rated materials, you can demonstrate your unwavering commitment to creating secure and resilient spaces.

Creative Brick Solutions can help ensure the glazed brick slips you choose are also paired with correct system to achieve the correct fire rating for your build.



What Are The Dangers Of Specifying Non-A1 Fired-Rated Products?


The use of non-fire-rated products in construction can have severe consequences in the event of a fire.

Non-fire rated products lack the necessary fire resistance properties, which can lead to increased fire spread and compromised structural integrity in the event of a fire. Ultimately, specifying the wrong products can lead to personal injury and potentially loss of life.

Specifying brick slips prioritises the use of non-combustible products and mitigates the any possible risks related to fire.


The Advantages of A1 Fire-Rated Brick Slips


A1 fire-rated brick slips offer numerous advantages over traditional brickwork, making them a preferred choice to combat any concerns around fire safety. Let’s explore the key benefits of using A1-rated brick slips:

  • Enhanced Fire Containment: A1 fire-rated brick slips act as a robust barrier against the spread of flames. Their non-combustible nature ensures that they do not contribute to the fuel source, helping to confine fires to their point of origin.
  • Reduced Smoke Production: When exposed to fire, A1-rated brick slips produce minimal smoke compared to traditional brickwork.
  • Compliance with Building Regulations: A1 fire-rated brick slips align with stringent building codes and regulations focused on fire safety.
  • Insurance Considerations: Insurance companies recognize the importance of fire-resistant materials in minimizing risks and protecting properties. By utilizing A1-rated brick slips, you can potentially benefit from lower insurance premiums.


Close Up of Engobed Long Format Bricks on Building


The Importance Of Choosing A1 Fire-Rated Brick Slips


In conclusion, the growing trend of choosing A1 fire-rated brick slips and systems highlights the importance of fire safety in modern construction projects.

Now that more building products are A1 fire-rated, it’s important to research the materials available to you, so you can be sure to reflect your commitment to meeting stringent fire safety standards.

If you have any questions relating to Glazed Brick Slips for your next project, make sure to speak to a professional such as those at Creative Brick Solutions.

By exploring our new brick slip product range, and discussing your options with a member of the team, you can gain further insight into the benefits of using this product.