Our team at Creative Brick Solutions are currently visiting our manufacturing partners Rairies Montrieux with Ash and Lacy’s Specification Manager Omar Edge and Technical Manager Evaldas Juska. Ash and Lacy have developed the innovative brick cladding system NaturAL-X, which combines 6063T6-grade aluminium support rails and extruded clay brick slips to create a mechanically fixed brick cladding system that offers a wide array of benefits.

NaturAL-X Brick Cladding

The advantages of the NaturAL-X brick cladding system

The advantages of the NaturAL-X brick cladding system make it an excellent choice for construction projects. Firstly, its lightweight composition, owing to the aluminium support rails and thin brick slips, significantly reduces structural load compared to traditional masonry. This not only eases logistical concerns during installation but also enhances the system’s adaptability for a variety of building designs and structures.

NaturAL-X also excels in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With pre-spaced mortar joints and easy-to-install components, it streamlines the cladding process, minimising labour requirements and overall installation time. This translates to labour cost savings but also expedites project timelines without compromising quality.

Beyond practicality, NaturAL-X prioritises performance and safety. Its BBA certification and compliance with CWCT design principles underscore its adherence to rigorous industry standards, ensuring reliability and durability in diverse environmental conditions. Additionally, the system’s fire-tested classification further reinforces its suitability for a range of architectural applications, providing peace of mind to designers, builders, and property occupants.

This brick cladding system stands out for its aesthetic versatility and longevity. Available in an array of colours, textures, and patterns, it offers architects and developers endless design possibilities, allowing seamless integration with various architectural styles and preferences. Its colour-fast stability and natural weathering behaviour ensure that the striking appearance of the brick finish remains intact over time, contributing to the enduring appeal of this brick cladding system when used in a built environment.

“To create a non-combustible, weather tight system NaturAL-X has undergone rigorous testing and has met the BBA and CWCT standards. Some of the benefits of brick cladding include; offering increased insulation, allowing for a brick finish to be achieved without the increased labour costs of building with traditional brick, the strength and durability of this product also make this a great choice in the construction industry”  – Omar Edge 


Rairies Montrieux, Brick Cladding Systems


Using this brick cladding system with Rairies Montrieux specialist slips

In addition to the construction benefits of NaturAL-X. Our supply partners Rairies Montrieux make specialist slips to fit this system. This means finishes like their Crystal Clear glazed range and engobed products like blacks, greys and whites are available on this system. Rairies Montrieux are uniquely positioned to offer their finishes both on NaturAL-X mechanical fix cladding and in traditional brick, meaning that these building methods can be combined if required.

In addition to the construction benefits of NaturAL-X, incorporating specialist slips from Rairies Montrieux elevates this system’s versatility and aesthetic appeal. With Rairies Montrieux’s expertise in producing high-quality brick slips, architects and designers gain access to a rich palette of finishes that enhance the visual impact of any project.

What sets Rairies Montrieux apart is their ability to offer these artisan finishes not only for NaturAL-X mechanical fix cladding but also for traditional brick applications, enabling seamless integration of different building methods and design visions. Whether it’s achieving a sleek modern look or embracing a more traditional character, the collaboration between NaturAL-X and Rairies Montrieux opens doors to unparalleled customisation possibilities, ensuring that your architectural endeavour is imbued with distinction.

Paul-Vincent, the Exports Director of Rairies Montrieux is excited about  the partnership we have created “as the UK and European market moves towards more modern methods of construction, it was important that the artisan finishes the factory produced are available on systems as well as in traditional slip or brick format. The flexibility of the factory means we can supply complex shapes such as for NaturAL-X or produce a slip with a dovetale key already in the back for precast concrete brick slip projects.”


Textured Brick Slips, Brick Cladding System


Let us assist you with the specification of this brick cladding system

Creative Brick Solutions are the UK representatives of Rairies Montrieux and promote NaturAL-X as one of the key systems we partner with. This means we can assist with the specification of both the aesthetic and with ensuring you choose the right system for your project.


Brick Slips With Glazed Colours

Crystal Clear Glazed Brick


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