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The village of Les Rairies is situated on the Loire Valley route and is one of the oldest terracotta production sites in France.

For more than seven generations, Rairies Montrieux have become the experts on facing-brick know-how.  Rairies Montrieux today is one of the last producers operating at a national level who make use of clay mined from the open-cast quarries of Anjou.

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Who Are Rairies Montrieux

Who Are Rairies Montrieux?

Rairies Montrieux’s dedication and passion for brick-making is prized by architects and craftsmen all over the world.

The company has evolved continuously to provide customers with the best quality terracotta bricks, brick slips and tiles.  They are outstanding in their field; an exceptional and highly skilled brickmaker and manufacturer.

What Can Rairies Montrieux Offer?

Rairies Montrieux are a trendsetter in the brick industry.

With its research and development team creating new colours and custom solutions whilst keeping a watchful and inspiring eye on the industry, your ideas and imagination can be brought to life.

Brick production at Rairies Montrieux, which draws on artisanal methods, also meets all architectural requirements involved in heritage restoration.

What Can Rairies Offer

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Special shaped bricks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, depending on your specific needs. Architects and designers have the freedom to create unique and visually appealing buildings with specialised shapes.


Glazed brick slips provide a durable and eye-catching solution for your project. Here at Creative Brick Solutions, we offer a product range of five different glazed brick slip finishes that can bring your design vision to life.


Long format bricks can be customised to the perfect length, many architects are choosing them to create something unique. They give a traditional and Roman feel to a building.