Acrobric Brick Cladding

With its recessed mortarless joints, the Acrobric solution adds a touch of modernity, lightness and resonance to buildings. Terracotta cladding is a popular choice due to it’s durability features. as it is one of the most effective solutions for reducing energy consumption.

This system involves dry-fitting laying on metal or wooden frameworks and brackets. The installation can be carried out on different types of frames: wood, galvanized, aluminium.

Key Features

Recessed joints, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to buildings.

The cladding system is designed to be lightweight, reducing the overall load on the building structure.

Terracotta is renowned for its durability, weather resistance, and longevity.

Key Features of Acrobric Brick Cladding

It helps to insulate buildings, reducing energy consumption by minimizing heat transfer and maintaining comfortable interior temperatures.

The Acrobric cladding system involves a dry-fitting installation method.

Can be installed on different types of frames, including wood, galvanized, and aluminium.

Technical Information

Colours Available
Acrobric Brick Cladding is available in the following colours:

Natural Terracotta Brick Slip Selection

Natural Terracotta

Transparent Brick Slips


coloured glazed brick slips

Coloured Glazed

Single Fired 

crystal clear glazed brick slips

Crystal Clear

metallic glazed brick slips


Disclaimer: Other colours may be available upon request. To find out more information, please get in touch! 

Sizing Table
Brick TypesSize in mmQuantity
m² or lm
kg or lb
m² or each
Lisse Droit340 x 90 x 35 (overall dimension 110)30/ m²30kgm²
Épais340 x 90 x 35 (overall dimension 110)30/ m²42kgm²
Relief Bas/ Relief Haut340 x 90 x 35 (overall dimension 110)30/ m²36kgm²
Strié340 x 90 x 35 (overall dimension 110)30/ m²39kgm²
Concave/Convexe340 x 90 x 35 (overall dimension 110)30/ m²36kgm²
LITEAU bois treated class III BRACKET, Class III treated woodTrapézoïdal angle 60° 4.2 m 60° angle trapezoid10le ml / lm
Shapes Available
Acrobric Lisse


Acrobric Relief Haut

Relief haut


Acrobric strie



Acrobric Relief Bas

Relief bas

Disclaimer: Bespoke shapes are available upon request. If you want to find out more information, please get in touch! 

Compatible Systems

The Arcobric tile is installed onto treated timber battens or aluminium rails.  Contact for information.

Manufacturer’s Information
Rairies Montrieux
Budget Rates

£80-105 for tile only in Natural Terracotta colours.  £100 – £300 for tile only glazed and metallic finishes.


Size Tolerance: length/width = ±3% thickness = ±2mm
Diagonal/Longitudinale Curvature: ±1%
Water Absorption (Average): all colours 8% (except colour PEPS = 7.5%)
Fireproof: A1
Content of active soluble salts: S0
Hazardous substances: not applicable
Resistance to thermal shock: NF ISO 10 545 – 9
Durability against freeze/thaw: NF ISO 10 545 – 12
Average expansion to boiling water (mm / m): ≤ 0,3 according to P13-307
Solar Absorb Factor: varies by colour – download our datasheet
Area Density: varies by brick type – download our datasheet

Lead Times

12 – 20 weeks for standard products. Official lead times will be quoted on a project specific basis, dependence on size, complexity and location.

Manufactured to EU and UK standards – see data sheet for details. Accreditations vary dependant on the systems the slips are paired with. Contact us for details.


What happens after I enquire about a product?
You’ll receive a call from a brick slip consultant within 72 hours to discuss your project requirements and establish the next steps to achieve your goals.
How are brick slip costs calculated?
Costs are calculated on a project specific basis. See budget rates section above for an estimate. Please enquire for pricing on any size slips, corners, pre-cast & special shapes. Delivery costs also apply.
What brick slip systems can the brick slip pair with?
Brick slips can be attached to various façade systems including; Adhesively fixed. Lightweight Board Systems. Natural X Brick Slip Cladding. Pre-Cast Concrete. Brick GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete). For project specific information please contact us.
What adhesives and mortars can be used with these brick slips?
Please contact us for the technical requirements for the adhesives of specific manufacturers.
What fire rating do the brick slips have?
All the brick slips we supply are A1 fire rated. When used in conjunction with a system fire ratings vary. For example, when paired with a Natural X Cladding System the façade system will be A1 Fire Rated. Your system supplier will be able to confirm the fire rating.
What bespoke options are available for the bricks slips?
We regularly work with specifiers to create special sizes, shapes and colours which are project specific. If you’d like to explore an idea for your façade, please contact us to discuss the manufacturing possibilities which will guide your vision.

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Product Description

The Acrobric system is a contemporary and lightweight solution that infuses buildings with a sense of modernity and elegance through its recessed joints. Terracotta cladding, known for its exceptional durability, becomes the preferred choice for architects and builders alike. Not only does it offer a visually striking appearance, but it also delivers outstanding energy-saving benefits, making it an effective solution for reducing energy consumption.

The Acrobric Cladding system utilizes dry-fitting techniques, employing metal or wooden frameworks and brackets for seamless installation. This versatile system can be applied to various types of frames, including wood, galvanized, and aluminum, providing flexibility and compatibility with different architectural designs. Elevate your structures with the Acrobric Cladding system, where sophistication meets functionality.

Make sure to contact us at Creative Brick Solutions to learn more about this building system.