Long Format Brick Slips

Creative Brick Solutions are the UK representative for Rairies Montrieux, a high quality brick slip and brick manufacturer from the Loire Valley in France.  Our shared passion for quality materials with a focus on specification brings many exciting brick slip finishes to the UK market.

Renowned for different products and an expertise in glazed finishes, Rairies Montrieux has been recognised for seven generations and prized by architects, craftsmen and builders.  Locally mined clay is used to produce the famous brick slips and bricks which are popular all around the world.


Natural Terracotta Long Format Brick Slips can vary in colour to create a durable and beautiful clay product. The firing process used forms a slip that will stand the test of time.


Glazed bricks provide a sleek, glass-like surface achieved through the application of a glaze that is fired onto the brick. This offers a combination of durability and aesthetic allure.


Engobed Long Format Brick Slips are created by applying a coating, from our range of colours, to a natural terracotta slip. These bricks open up multiple avenues of design. 


During the firing process of Brut De Four Long Format Brick Slips, powders and pigments are used to create distinct patterns on the slip. A raw and unpolished product is formed using this method.


Originelle Long Format Brick Slips have a distinct appearance, in that their tones reflect the earth, sand and clay. Natural tones such as this create authentic and classic slips.