Natural Terracotta Long Format Brick Slips

Natural Terracotta Long Format Brick Slips are designed to bring a touch of timeless elegance and rustic charm to any interior or exterior space. These brick slips capture the essence of traditional terracotta bricks, adding warmth and character to your walls.

Made from all-natural clay, our Terracotta Long Format Brick Slips showcase earthy tones and subtle variations in colour, providing a stunning backdrop. The elongated format of these brick slips enhances the visual appeal, creating a sense of sophistication.

Key Features

Brick slips give real character to the façade.

These bricks, when applied vertically, give the illusion of length to a façade or wall.  

Patterns can be created by combining shapes or angles of brick slips that, once assembled, create a variety of finishes depending on the chosen style.

Natural Terracotta Brick Slip Selection

Naturally fire resistant due to the materials and coating used.

Bricks slips are a lightweight solution with increase speed of construction.

Durable and strong due to their second stint in the kiln, these brick slips have a longer lifespan than traditional bricks and their colour won’t fade.

Sample Process

Due to the wide range of finishes and sizes available, we follow the below process for sampling.

Technical Information

Colours Available
Sizes Available

Long Format Brick Slip Sizes

  • Height: 40mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Long Format Brick Slip Sizes

  • Height: 40mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Height: 65mm
  • Length: 330mm, 400mm, 450mm
  • Depth: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

Compatible Systems

Adhesively fixed systems. Multiple lightweight board solutions. Precast Concrete. GRC (Glass Re-enforced concrete).

Manufacturer’s Information
Rairies Montrieux
Budget Rates

All projects are priced individually.

£37sqm – £55sqm based on 50mm x 330mm x 12mm and dependant on finish. 

Please enquire for project specific pricing on other size slips, corners, pre-cast & special shapes. Delivery costs apply.


Size Tolerance: length/width = ±3% thickness = ±2mm

Diagonal/Longitudinale Curvature: ±1%

Water Absorption (Average): all colours 8%

Fireproof: A1

Content of active soluble salts: S0

Hazardous substances: not applicable

Resistance to thermal shock: NF ISO 10 545 – 9

Durability against freeze/thaw: NF ISO 10 545 – 12

Average expansion to boiling water (mm / m): ≤ 0,3 according to P13-307

Solar Absorption Factor: varies by colour – download our datasheet

Area Density: varies by brick type – download our datasheet

Lead Times

12-20 weeks for standard products. Official lead times will be quoted on a project specific basis, dependence on size, complexity and location.

Manufactured to EU and UK standards – see data sheet for details. Accreditations vary dependant on the systems the slips are paired with. Contact us for details.

Case Studies

La Cartoucherie, Toulouse (France)

Villers-Cotterets (France)

Esprit Minime (France)


What happens after I enquire about a product?

You’ll receive a call from a brick consultant within 72 hours to discuss your project requirements and establish the next steps to achieve your goals.

How are brick slip costs calculated?

Costs are calculated on a project specific basis. See budget rates section above for an estimate. Please enquire for pricing on any size slips, corners, pre-cast & special shapes. Delivery costs also apply.

What brick systems can brick slips pair with?

Brick slips can be attached to various façade systems including; Adhesively fixed. Lightweight Board Systems. Natural X Brick Slip Cladding. Pre-Cast Concrete. Brick GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete). For project specific information please contact us.

What adhesives and mortars can be used with these brick slips?

Please contact us for the technical requirements for the adhesives of specific manufacturers.

What fire rating do the brick slips have?

All the bricks we supply are A1 fire rated. When used in conjunction with a system fire ratings vary. Your system supplier will be able to confirm the fire rating.

What bespoke options are available for the brick slips?

We regularly work with specifiers to create special sizes, shapes and colours which are project specific. If you’d like to explore an idea for your façade, please contact us to discuss the manufacturing possibilities which will guide your vision.

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Product Description

At Creative Brick Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of bricks to choose for your project.

Versatile and easy to install, our natural terracotta brick slips offer a hassle-free solution for transforming your walls. These brick slips adapt seamlessly to various environments.

The rugged durability of natural terracotta ensures that these brick slips will stand the test of time, remaining resilient and captivating for years to come. Their resistance to wear and tear makes them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, ensuring your investment remains protected.

Enhance the aesthetic allure of your space with our Natural Terracotta Long Format Brick Slips, fostering a sense of authenticity that can only be achieved with genuine materials. Make sure to contact us at Creative Brick Solutions to enquire about this product!