Quality Bricks From UK and European Manufacturers

We have extensive knowledge of the UK bricks market and regional requirements to service projects of any size or scope. Creative Brick Solutions supply only quality bricks from UK and European Manufacturers.

Exploring bricks with a difference – we love unique aesthetics, interesting finishes, and different sizes such as long format.

Long Format Bricks

Increasingly popular due to dramatic effect
Changes the aspect of a building
Modern and traditional finishes
Handmade and machine made options

Waterstruck Bricks

Pressed bricks to create smooth yet characteristic finishes
Traditional and modern finishes
Great for brick detailing such as projecting headers
Many size options available

Stock Bricks

One of oldest brick making techniques
Handmade or machine made
Sanded textures create character
Increasingly popular in recent years

Wirecut Bricks

Good tolerances

Crisp modern finishes

Range of specials


Glazed Bricks

Durable – suitable for interior or exterior

Wide range of colours and finishes

Match any ral colour

Special shapes available