Glazed Bricks

Elevating Your Architectural Vision With Glazed Bricks

Creative Brick Solutions are the UK representative for Rairies Montrieux, a high-quality glazed brick slip and glazed bricks manufacturer from the Loire Valley in France.  Our shared passion for quality materials with a focus on specification brings many exciting glazed brick finishes to the UK market.

Renowned for different products and expertise in glazed finishes, Rairies Montrieux has been recognised for seven generations and prized by architects, craftsmen and builders. Locally mined clay is used to produce the famous glazed bricks which are popular all around the world.

Glazed bricks provide a durable and eye-catching solution for your project. Here at Creative Brick Solutions, we offer a product range of five different glazed brick finishes that can bring your design vision to life.


Finely crushed coloured glass is applied to the terracotta bricks during a second firing to achieve a bright and bold look that can be matched to any RAL code.


This modern design gives any building’s façade a natural look within the urban environment. These bricks will bring an optical sensation to your project’s exterior.


Metallic glazed bricks will reflect the light and shimmer in the sun for an eye catching look. A unique façade can be created by combining metallic slips with other types of glazed bricks.


Created by simultaneously firing the raw terracotta and finely crushed coloured glass in the same firing process, single-fired brick slips can create a more natural façade. 


These glazed brick slips will give your build a transparent effect. Using these to combine various brick styles, such as coloured terracotta, can enhance the iridescent effect of this product.