Long Format Bricks

Creative Brick Solutions are the UK representative for Rairies Montrieux, a high-quality glazed brick slip and glazed brick manufacturer from the Loire Valley in France.  Our shared passion for quality materials with a focus on specification brings many exciting glazed brick finishes to the UK market.

Long format bricks are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. Also known as Roman bricks, modern variations of this style are appearing in buildings. These long bricks are often used on façades to make buildings look elongated, which is becoming a popular feature of many modern buildings.  

Long format bricks are perfect for those looking to make a statement with their projects. As these bricks can be customised to the perfect length, many architects are choosing them to create something unique. As long format bricks give a traditional, Roman feel to a building, many architects are looking to use them on commercial builds. Due to the ability to use them to visually extend both horizontally and vertically, these bricks open many design opportunities. 


Brut De Four bricks are made from high-quality clay, making this product lang-lasting. With a raw and unpolished look, Brut De Four bricks bring authenticity to any project.


Natural Terracotta bricks are formed in the process of moulding raw clay, drying it, and the firing it in a kiln. This provides a durable and dense product that will last for decades.


This brick is coated in decorative ceramic that provides the brick with uneven marks. Each brick is different, allowing creativity in every project while keeping an unarguable traditional appearance. 


Glazed bricks offer a smooth, glass-like surface, created by applying a glaze and firing it onto the brick. They offer durability, moisture resistance, and aesthetic appeal to architectural designs.