Hit & Miss Special Shaped Bricks

Hit & Miss bricks, Moucharabieh bricks, are a type of brick design that is characterised by a pattern of alternating rows. The design is called “hit and miss” because it appears that some of the bricks have been “hit” and knocked out of place or are “missing.” This design creates a pattern where the bricks are not fully aligned.

Hit & Miss bricks are commonly used for decorative purposes, as this design pattern can give a building an aesthetically pleasing and diverse look. Often, Moucharabieh bricks are made in softer colours which have a weathered look.

Key Features

Patterns can be created by combining shapes or angles of bricks that, once assembled, create a variety of finishes depending on the chosen style.

These bricks can be designed with irregular shapes and sizes that give a unique appearance to walls and structures.

Bricks are specially designed with only 2 perforations at each end, so a reinforcement bar can be applied while the rest of the brick is solid.

Hit & Miss Bricks

Naturally fire resistant.

Ability to enhance ventilation and air flow in a building.

Hit & Miss bricks are also known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them a popular choice for outdoor applications.

Technical Information

Colours Available

The following colours are all available in shaped tiles. Click the colour options to find out more.

Natural Terracotta Brick Slip Selection

Natural Terracotta

Transparent Brick Slips


Engobe Brick Slip Selection


metallic glazed brick slips


coloured glazed brick slips

Coloured Glazed 

crystal clear glazed brick slips

Crystal Clear 

Sizing Table
Brick TypesSize in mmQuantity
m² or lm
kg or lb
m² or each
Moucharabieh330 x 50 x 9035/ m²2.70kgeach
Moucharabieh Hirondelle330 x 50 x 9035/ m²2.70kgeach
Moucharabieh B330 x 50 x 9035/ m²2.70kgeach
Moucharabieh Arrondi330 x 50 x 9035/ m²2.70kgeach
Shapes Available


Moucharabei Hirondelle

Moucharabeih Hirondelle

Moucharabeih B

Moucharabeih B

Moucharabeih Arrondi

Moucharabeih Arrondi

Moucharabieh New

Moucharabieh New

Manufacturer’s Information

Rairies Montrieux

Budget Rates

All projects are priced individually. £115sqm – £450sqm estimate based on 330 × 65 x 90mm brick dependant on colour and shape. Please enquire for project specific pricing.  Delivery costs apply.


Size Tolerance: EN 771-1 : 2011 +A1 :2015
Water Absorption (Average): ≤ 12 %
Fireproof: A1
Content of active soluble salts: S0
Chemical treatment after firing: not applicable
Humidity Expansion: ≤ 0,6 mm/m
Area Density28,1 kg/m²
Hazardous Substances: lack of regulation
Frost Resistance: NF EN 771- 1/CN
Area Density: 163 kg/m² 
Solar Absorb Factor: varies by colour – download datasheet

Lead Times

12-20 weeks. Official lead times will be quoted on a project specific basis, dependence on size, complexity and location.

Manufactured to EU and UK standards – see data sheet for details. Accreditations vary dependant on the systems the slips are paired with. Contact us for details.

Case Studies

Maison du Peuple Gardanne (France)

Bibliothèque Et école De Musique (France)

Jardins Des Pins à Cuges les Pins (France)


What happens after I enquire about a product?
You’ll receive a call from a brick slip consultant within 72 hours to discuss your project requirements and establish the next steps to achieve your goals.
How are brick costs for hit and miss bricks calculated?

Costs are calculated on a project specific basis. See budget rates section above for an estimate. Please enquire for pricing on any size brick, corners, pre-cast & special shapes. Delivery costs also apply.

What adhesives and mortars can be used with these bricks?

Please contact us for the technical requirements for the adhesives of specific manufacturers.

What fire rating do the bricks have?

All the bricks we supply are A1 fire rated.

What bespoke options are available for the hit and miss brickwork?

We regularly work with specifiers to create special sizes, shapes and colours which are project specific. If you’d like to explore an idea for your façade, please contact us to discuss the manufacturing possibilities which will guide your vision.

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Product Description

Hit and miss bricks are a type of brick that feature a unique design element that creates a distinctive pattern on walls and other surfaces. Moucharabieh bricks are characterized by their irregular shapes and sizes, with some portions of the brick left blank and others protruding outward. This produces an attractive, visually appealing appearance that adds depth and texture to walls and surfaces, providing an interesting and unique focal point to any design.

In addition, hit and miss bricks have a rustic, weathered look that can bring a touch of character and old-world charm to both traditional and modern design schemes. Many architects are choosing Moucharabieh brick to ensure their building stands out from the crowd, making it a popular choice for 2023. Get in touch with our experts at Creative Brick Solutions to find out more about this product and how it can completely change the look of your façade.