Special Shaped Brick Slips 

Special shaped brick slips give architects creative freedom to build unique designs. Special shaped brick slips differ from a standard brick in that they can complement and contrast standard brick metrics. They are half the size of a regular brick, opening many design opportunities. 

At Creative Brick Solutions, we offer a diverse range of special shaped slips that can be tailored to your project needs. As the popularity of brickwork such as Hit & Miss continues to rise, special shaped slips are more in demand than ever before.

Key Features

Special shaped brick slips are characterized by their non-standard shapes. They can be custom-made to fit specific architectural designs, such as curved, angled, tapered, or asymmetrical shapes.

These brick slips require precise manufacturing techniques to ensure accuracy and consistency in their dimensions.

These brick slips offer versatility in construction by allowing architects and builders to create intricate designs, curves, and angles that may not be achievable with standard rectangular bricks.

Group of Special Shape Brick Slip Shapes

Special shaped brick slips are designed to integrate seamlessly with standard-sized bricks and other construction materials.

These brick slips can add a distinctive and visually appealing element to buildings. Their unique shapes create architectural interest, allowing for the creation of captivating facades.

They may be designed to accommodate specific requirements such as ventilation, insulation, acoustic control, or structural support.

Technical Information

Please note, we are one of the only companies that provide such a wide range of special shapes. If you have a product in mind that you don’t see below, please contact us!

Colours Available

Special Shaped Brick Slips are available in the following colour ranges:

Natural Terracotta Brick Slip Selection

Natural Terracotta

coloured glazed brick slips

Coloured Glazed 

Engobe Brick Slip Selection


Transparent Brick Slips


Single Fired

metallic glazed brick slips


crystal clear glazed brick slips

Crystal Clear

Shapes Available
















Lead Times

12-20 weeks. Official lead times will be quoted on a project specific basis, dependence on size, complexity and location.

Budget Rates

£45sqm – £200sqm dependant on colour and shape.

Compatible Systems

Project and product specific – contact us to discuss.


Case Studies

Maison du Peuple Gardanne (France)

Brandon Street (London)

Profil Coste Lumièrer (France)


What happens after I enquire about a product?

You’ll receive a call from a brick consultant within 72 hours to discuss your project requirements and establish the next steps to achieve your goals.

How are brick slip costs calculated?

Costs are calculated on a project specific basis. See budget rates section above for an estimate. Please enquire for pricing on any size bricks, corners, pre-cast & special shapes. Delivery costs also apply.

What brick slip systems can the bricks pair with?

Bricks can be attached to various façade systems including; Adhesively fixed. Lightweight Board Systems. Natural X Brick Slip Cladding. Pre-Cast Concrete. Brick GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete). For project specific information please contact us.

What adhesives and mortars can be used with these bricks?

Please contact us for the technical requirements for the adhesives of specific manufacturers.

What fire rating do the brick slips have?

All the bricks we supply are A1 fire rated. When used in conjunction with a system fire ratings vary. For example, when paired with a Natural X Cladding System the façade system will be A1 Fire Rated. Your system supplier will be able to confirm the fire rating.

What bespoke options are available for the brick slips?

We regularly work with specifiers to create special sizes, shapes and colours which are project specific. If you’d like to explore an idea for your façade, please contact us to discuss the manufacturing possibilities which will guide your vision.

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Product Description

Special shaped brick slips differ from a standard brick in that they can complement and contrast standard brick metrics. These bricks offer flexibility, as they can be used on any project to add originality to either high-rise structures or smaller bungalows. These unique bricks possess non-standard shapes and sizes, offering endless possibilities for designers and builders alike. With their precision manufacturing and integration capabilities, special shaped brick slips seamlessly blend with standard-shaped slips, enhancing both the structural integrity and visual appeal of buildings.

Special shaped brick slipss give architects creative freedom to build unique designs. From contemporary masterpieces to historical renovations, special shaped brick slipss elevate architectural designs to new heights. Their versatility allows for the realization of complex visions, enabling the construction of buildings that stand out from the crowd.

At Creative Brick Solutions, we offer a diverse range of special shaped bricks that can be tailored to your project needs. Make sure to contact a member of the team to discuss the range of diverse shapes we supply, so you can be confident that your project is shaping up to be the best it can be.