The Toybox development in Birmingham represents a remarkable case study in the city’s urban landscape. Nestled within the bustling Birmingham City Centre, this project, named Toybox for its historical roots as a toy factory, is a transformation of an industrial space into a vibrant living community.

It embarked on the ambitious task of demolishing the existing structures and constructing 290 modern student apartments along with essential amenities and beautifully landscaped surroundings. What sets this case apart is the astounding achievement of practical completion within a mere 69 weeks, making it ready for occupancy by September 2, 2019.

A Significant ​Development In Birmingham

This cutting-edge student residential development not only stands as a testament to urban innovation, but also establishes a connection with upcoming projects in its vicinity, notably the neighboring Arden Gate scheme. Boasting shared garden spaces, social hubs, and collaborative study areas, it enriches the city’s landscape with both functionality and aesthetics.

The curved façade not only adds visual flair but also extends a remarkable 9-meter cantilevered canopy over the ground floor’s main entrance, marking a grand entrance to this contemporary living space.

Project Details

Product:Coloured Glazed Brick Slip Vert 4
Coloured Glazed Brick Slip Vert 5
Architect:Corstorphine & Wright
Main Contractor:Torsion Group
Who Are Creative Brick Solutions

The Toybox development not only captivates with its aesthetic allure but also stands as a structural marvel, pushing the boundaries of design innovation. The utilisation of a Concrete Post Tension design for both frame and foundations, particularly for the daring 9-meter cantilevered ‘Shark fin’ entrance, sets it apart as a rare feat in the UK’s architectural landscape. This bold structural choice was necessitated by the proximity of a train line tunnel, dictating a strategic no-load zone.

The development showcases state-of-the-art design techniques through its captivating ceramic brickwork, creating a dynamic external appearance influenced by the time of day and weather. Internally, it redefines the student living experience by prioritising natural daylight, inspiring finishes, and a focus on addressing contemporary student issues, including mental health and social adversity.

Despite not being mandated to be BREEAM registered, the project embraced environmental best practices, incorporating local employment, considerate construction registration, and energy-efficient solutions. Technological advancements take centre stage with the installation of fibre broadband, ensuring a guaranteed 200mb download speed to each student bedroom, setting a new standard for student accommodation.

The resounding success of the Toybox development is evident in its 100% occupancy for the September 2019 intake, affirming its status as not just a building but a sought-after living experience for today’s students.

The success of the development and the attraction that it offers to todays’ students can be evidentially seen, in that the development was 100% let for the September 2019 intake.



Location of Project

Address:   3-4 Bishopsgate St, Birmingham B15 1ET

What 3 Words: ///stir.carry.shaped

Technical Information

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Coloured Glazed Brick Slip Vert 4

Coloured Glazed Brick Slip Vert 5

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