Brick Slips CPD

Creative Brick Solutions have collaborated with partners to select a range of CPD Seminars that build knowledge in an interesting and informative style. Please contact us to chat through your objectives and needs and we will tailor a programme to suit. Below is an overview of some of our seminars.

 An Introduction To Brick Slips CPD

Book a CPD with us to understand everything from how Brick Slips are manufactured, to how they help architects make their visions come to life. Gain an understanding of the product and its uses. Then we’ll dig into the finer detail of sizes, materials and textures. Before covering 6 unique case studies and finally answer FAQs.

Book Your Brick Slips CPD

Brick Slips CPD

Brick Design & Innovation

Covering the different brick types available, these seminars also include manufacturing methods, brick in the context of sustainability, design considerations such as movement, mortar choice, and design innovation and inspiration.

Rairies Montrieux Factory Tours

See the manufacturing process for yourself! Be it a wonderful artisan factory which continues to embrace the traditional, tried and tested methods of brick making to the amazing high performance, modern, slick brick factories that have emerged in recent years.